About Donna

Praise the Lord! By His Grace I am His Child and His Bride, and a citizen of Heaven. I can do nothing of and by myself for the Living God is the Great Originator, Producer, Director and Potter and it is by His grace that anything has been accomplished within me. I have four children and six grandchildren whom I love dearly and pray for daily. As part of the Body of Christ who is His Bride, I am ever seeking to be more prepared, as I am a worshiper, intercessor, seeker after God’s Heart, lover, of the Living God. I seek to inspire others to come to the Lord and seek Him for truth and to hear from Him for themselves so as to follow hard after Him and all He has for them, and thereby magnify Him and glorify Him who is so worthy of love and adoration and worship and praise.  Also to warn others to come out of the Babylon church system as led by the Holy Spirit.

These writings are meant to draw you to the Lover of your souls so, you too, can be prepared to please and satisfy Yahuwa (our Father) & Yahushua (our Lord) who paid the ultimate price for our ransom. He suffered and was tortured and bled profusely and gave up His life that we might be redeemed.  He bought us to set us free that we might serve Him freely out of a heart of love and be His bond-servants.  Thereby, you will then enjoy Him here, ruling and reigning with Him in the Function as King and Priest in His Throne in the heavenlies.  We are glorifying Him as we belong to His Heart and then someday we will meet Him in the Heavenly Kingdom. The way is narrow that leads to LIFE, but the way is broad that leads to DESTRUCTION. I implore you to seek the Lord, to examine yourselves, to ask for His mercy and grace daily, to REPENT, (that is, turn away each day from whatever the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) shows you…it’s a change of mind.)  Ask the Lord to make you ready to be a prepared Bride for Him, to enjoy His inheritance, and to know what depth of communion He would like you to enjoy with Him and be the reward of His sufferings.  He loves you so very deeply and loves to spend time with you each new day!  Blessings and love over your lives.  Amen


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