I walk in ease when I remember that

You are the Author and Finisher of my faith,

I enjoy Your loving care and watchfulness

Over all I am and do

For You are: the Living Word,

The Almighty, My caring Shepherd

And my very Truth.

You are full of mercy and compassion

And a passion for Your own as no other.

You understand me as no one could

You are the most long-suffering Person

In my entire life with all of its

Twists and turns, bumps and bruises,

Tears and trials,

Pains and burdens ~

And yet You are my very JOY ~ without which

I would not experience any fresh strength!

Most of all, You are faithful in all Your love

And peace and goodness and so much more…

For You are my Savior and You are my graces upon grace.

I love You deeply for it all

And I repent ~ again and again for

The times I looked away ~

Seeming to forget just Who You Are ~

I weep at Your feet

Because of who I am when my eyes

Are not set steadfastly on You.

Then because of Who You Are,

You come to me with Your open arms

And invite me to rest my weary soul

Upon Your divine heart and

Once again, I realize with tears of JOY ~

Just Who You Are.


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Oh Lord, I marvel in your transcendence and excellence in all things. I especially want to thank you because I know that you dive deep into the pools of who we truly are, beneath our conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels and there find that special quiet place where our true person lives, each one your special and unique individual person, wrapped up in your Spirit of divine love. What more could I ask for myself and my family…truly, we’ll have an eternity of praises to give to you, as we fall before you, O Savior with loving grateful tears and unspeakable joy. At last we will truly meet our Love of all loves…each one in his own time, each one special in the eyes of God. I thank you that there has never been and never will be a pause in your love for me or my family ~~ rather, just a continuation of your eternal love, deeper than one could imagine. And while we journey here on this earth you are preparing a unique paradise for each one of us according to how you know each one of us intimately. Yes, the heavenly city is so unfathomable in beauty, in uniqueness, in divine wonder, yet nevertheless, it is true. Oh God, truly I am but a pilgrim here on this path of life and with you inside I can bear all things, for you are with me and with my family. You understand each heart as no other. You are waiting for us, to be with you forever in the promised land of the eternity of the highest praises. For all in heaven is light and love and never-ending joy and happiness.

For now, our Father loves us and takes care of us and his angels are continually ascending and descending with loving instructions and wise counsel in the care of each of us, guarding us and fulfilling our Father’s loving guidance. And oh how we fret at times when all along our Father knows how to use each problem, each illness, every moment of brokenness, all the heartaches and concerns and turn them into good use for us. What a God He is. No one else can do that and certainly we are not able to turn things around by ourselves. Truly, our dependence is on Him and what a wonderful privilege that is. He loves to prove a ‘million’ times over that He has our very best in His heart for us. He loves to surprise us sometimes with open doors, grace trails of blessings, answered prayers, encouragements and inspirations. Yes, our God loves me and my own family with all His heart and He loves for us to discover Him and experience Him and His warmth and love and favors as He reveals His kindness and care to us.

I love Him so…I pray He will have His way as He graces us to cooperate with Him and what is the more excellent way for us. What He sets into motion are only new and higher places of release and freedom from our old set ways that have captured us for a while…those habits, the routines that hinder us. But He is a merciful and good God so He calls us to walk up that ladder with Him and every difficult hill with Him…never to be alone. He shares our lives and we share His life. We are His everlasting inheritance and He is our eternal inheritance. Just believe it with your very heart and enjoy Him and His marvelous ways.


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There is a path called the Blood-Sprinkled Path ~~ it is His Path ~~ a path of suffering for sure and life as well and on this path I learn to become what Yeshua desires ~~ a genuine heart, truly, an authentic soul, one who is sincere, a dedicated and devoted heart ~~ one who walks the way of the cross ~~ for Yeshua.

How does this all happen, you ask ~~ I tell you, it is surely a Mystery, for as I cry to Him in faith and love, He works and it is He and He alone who uses all my broken pieces to create a brand new me ~~ though the sufferings and trials of the confusion, the losses, the heartbreaks, the questions, the fears I’ve had for my life and the lives of my family, the tears, the exhaustion of it all, the health issues, the lack of being understood, as well as the joys, the mountain tops, the answered prayers, the surprises, the affection and so much more ~~ essentially, the exchange of my living my life for the Living God and His Life ~~ Truly, it is all through His sanctifying powers that lead to the desperately needed transformations of me that I could never (not in a million years) become.

So I bow again and again and again before the Master of all Mysteries in the ever present creations of me with heartfelt love and affection! For I marvel at how Yeshua can take a broken soul (in every way) such as I and use all I am and all I’ve lived through to shine forth more and more and step by step ~~ the image of Him!

Surely, this IS a Marvel and a Mystery of all mysteries! My words, even these, fail to express what truly cannot ever be fully expressed yet I offer this flow of my heart to You, My King, My Love, My All.


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In all my grieving

And all my mourning of losses in life ~

You were there

And You are here.

Your heart hurts for me

As you sit beside me

Watching over me with such love

And compassion.

You were there

And You are here.

You made it clear

I could not escape my pain ~

You did not escape Your pain.

Yet You were with me

As Your Father was with You.

And I was never alone ~

You were there ~

And You are here ~ always.


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Fresh, that is what I desire. Freshness in my people. Let go of the old patterns of your own spirituality and let go of your old ideas and formulas ~ even if they are spiritual. This is the hardest of all, for my people always want to camp in the new places and new revelations of God which I have shown them. But I am asking you to ever be washed of the old and to come into the new.

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Oh Lord, I love to think about your vastness! Oh, your boundless Spirit observing all the earth you so carefully and lovingly created for your good pleasure and for ours as well. You enjoy all you created as you survey the beautiful landscape with massive snow peaked mountains, an array of all manner of pretty flowers, too numerous for us to ever count. Then there’s the fruit bearing trees for our nutrition and the flower bearing trees for beauty to our eyes. An innumerable amount of varied vegetables for us to enjoy. The plant kingdom alone is so varied and monumental. And oh, how I love water! All kinds of water, powerful and mighty oceans, noble rivers, glistening and calm lakes and rippling streams and brooks! And You, oh God, see it all at once from north to south and from east to west and beyond our boundaries. You are pleased with your creation! And yet, you look upon us, you look upon me with your penetrating gaze and I catch your passionate eyes and your broad smile meeting with mine. How wondrous is that…how marvelous is that…You are beyond the beyond, yet your tender love reaches for me, the apex of your creation…beyond all you created in your vast scope!

I bow my head and heart to the earth from which I came. I bow before the infinite, unfathomable Spirit, the very breath you breathed into me and I slowly, meekly up stand before you in utter AWE!


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