The Purpose of this Site

I believe the Holy Spirit has led me to create this website to inspire you to seek to be a Prepared Bride and to be a passionate seeker, an ardent lover, and a true worshiper of the Living God, to trust Him, and to follow hard after Him and all He has for you. In this way, you may magnify Him and glorify Him who is so worthy of love and adoration and worship and praise. I will also post warnings for the visitors to come out of the Babylonish church system and thereby be led by the Holy Spirit.

These writings are meant to draw you to the Lover of your souls so, you too, can be prepared to please and satisfy Jesus Christ who paid the ultimate price for our redemption. He bought us to set us free that we might serve Him freely out of a heart of love and be His bond-servants. Thereby, you will then enjoy Him here, glorifying Him, belonging to His Heart and then live with Him someday in the Heavenly Kingdom. The way is narrow that leads to Life, but the way is broad that leads to destruction.

I implore you to seek the Lord, and to see the loveliness of the Lord, that in spite of our humanness, He is so willing to meet with us. Let yourself be examined in His loving search light, ask Him to search your hearts, and plead for His mercy, that you might REPENT, i.e. turn away each day from all the Holy Spirit shows you to turn away from.  Ask the Lord to make you ready to be a Prepared Bride for Him, so He may enjoy His inheritance, and to know what depth of communion He would like you to enjoy with Him ~to be the reward of His sufferings.  Remember that the FIRST-LOVE kind of LOVE IS what our Lord would love for us to enjoy with Him.

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