The Lord’s Heart

Hush now, child and write.  Write the things I say.  They’re from My own Heart.  Imagine that, they’re words spoken from My Heart.  Most people never speak from their hearts, but speak from the surface.  When people speak from their hearts they reveal secrets and depths and mysteries and heart touches heart and life becomes real, and not a play acting.  So it is with Me, when I speak from the Heart~and I always do, and you, as my little receiver pick up precious truths and depths and secrets~mysteries that fill My Heart.  Yea, there is a vast and unlimited storehouse within Me for My children to reach but they must search diligently and I will gladly open My Heart up to them to reveal more of Myself.  But they must go after Me and only Me.  Within Me is all they could desire and outside of Me there is nothing to be desired and nothing to satisfy.  Thus saith the Lord.

Psalm 73:25–Whom have I in heaven but Thee and there is no one beside Thee on earth.  My heart and my flesh fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

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