Who Will Choose?

Many years ago while I was at a home meeting, this is what I saw and heard.

At first I saw Jesus at the meeting and He painted a picture on a canvas of Himself but everyone else seemed to be interested in someone or something else. Then Jesus sat down in quiet, grieving beside the canvas, surrounded by many people, yet all alone, for no one noticed Him! I was the only one who noticed Him and I was very sad that He was treated in this way and that He was grieving. Then this word came:


Who will choose to be at one with Me? It is he, even he who is discerning and who is willing to walk with Me and be at one. It is he who is willing to take up My burden and not his own. It is he who is willing to grieve when I grieve, weep when I weep, stir within with indignation when I do. Ye have not done so for I see all things and I am not pleased. Your much laughing and smiling does grieve Me much for when you do this and I am not laughing, you do grieve Me. Since when does the lack of holiness cause Me to smile and be in laughter? Since when do I send preachers wth robes of jest upon them? Never! Never do I send these preachers.

They, even they, send themselves and you are not even awake to it. You rest. You’re dull, you’ re relaxed, not all of you, but most. Who will choose Me? Let him seek Me for each person and each situation to be at one with Me and I, who am all faithful, will not close my ears to your cry but heed your cry and grant you the discernment you need for I am the Great Discerner within you and you need me at every moment, especially at this time, when so many deceivers are sent forth and used by the great deceiver, even Satan himself. So look to Me and trust Me to speak truth to your inner ear, to be eyes within, to see what really is happening. You lack, oh my children, you lack. Be serious, be sober, this is not the day of jest, but the day of war, of discernment, of battle in Christ~~even in Me. Yes, I ever war and battle and watch. Will you watch with Me or go off in your own dull and lazy direction?

Choose Me and your reward will be great…your heart rest exceedingly satisfying.

Amen and amen.

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