See as Jesus Sees

I had been praying that Jesus would show me the things that were happening in the spirit realm, such as inner knowledge, truths, light, etc.

In the spirit realm you shall see them as you walk by My side.  And as you walk by My side I can point out to you just what is happening.  Actually, we are viewing the scene together, then how can you fail?  It’s only as you leave My side and look elsewhere that you miss the spirit realm and see only the apparent, that is, the earthly scene.  You were not called and chosen to view the earthly nor to love the earthly, but unto a high calling~to be devoted unto Me with an intense love and a sharing of My deepest sufferings, so together we can be a comfort to one another.  Like lovers, yea, even like spouses.  In this case, beloved spouses for all eternity.

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