Be Prepared

Be prepared~to be separated from all that would infringe upon the benefits I wish to bestow on you, yea, even shower you with.  Can uncleanness touch you?  Yea, therefore, I would bid you to leave such uncleanness.  And what is that uncleanness?  Anything unholy~not from the Holy Spirit, but from the spirit of man~the will of man~from the evil one and his spirits~his kingdom.  But My kingdom is not of this world, child, as you know.  That’s why it takes such concentration whether alone or with others to keep your eyes on Me~to please Me~to hear Me~to see Me.  “Which way do I turn?” you ask.  Look to Me and ask, yea, then listen.  It will always be the way of peace, never disturbance within.  Follow Me, your first and only Master.  Follow Me, your Leader, follow Me and I will make you a fisher of men.  When you follow after Me, others will see true light~truth, for I AM the Truth.  Others will see Life~true Life, for I AM the only Life.  Others will see this is the way for I AM the way in you and in them.  Thus saith the Lord.

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