The Way of Escape

Ah, children, children, I mourn and grieve over your situation for there is a way out~yea, always a way of escape as I have promised, but you would not take it.  Take it~it is truth.  Face the truth and don’t pretend anymore.  Seek Me immediately for discernment and pure truth for each one and each thing that enters your path of life.  I will not fail you.  I’ll show you the truth, otherwise you will be devoured before you realize it.  Yea, many, and I mean the many shall be led astray in these days, but I have not called you to follow after those of the flesh~of the carnal mind~of the corrupt mind, but I have called you to love the pure truth and no mixtures, no pretenses and no impurities.  Yea, rise up in the spirit to be wholly for God, to follow Me, to trust in My separations with others and My joinings with others.   Thus saith your Lord and Savior and Redeemer, for all eternity.  I love you.  Look to Me, children!

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