Brand me as never before

Till the flames fill me, O my Lord

And the smoke of burning as a sacrifice

Rises swiftly to Thee.

Brand me in my deepest parts

Where all of You fills all of me

And all that I desire in You

In no way could be described in any tongue.

For I hear those divine frequencies…a fiery heart sound

So Brand me–deep–with Your Name inside of me

And let Your imprint sing over me

With Your everlasting echo…

I AM YOURS…I AM Yours, I AM Yours forevermore!


O Lord, I thank Thee and I am Yours!

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(Unravel me, spirit, soul and body, for only You know how very complex I am. It is your joy to unravel me…peel me…release me into new discoveries and new depths for which I cry out. O God, Yahweh, my cry is very deep, but there You are with an understanding heart and Your hurt for all my wounded places, yet you have joy and love in working your miracles as You unravel me–sometimes firmly–sometimes very gently.)

Come, look and see, You say to me. I invite you to view the hidden promises yet to be revealed…the healed places that will surprise you, the tender places waiting for Me and My life and light. Dance with Me, sing with Me for NO enemy of your soul will ever have his way! MY WAY will overrule all. Watch with anticipation as more of My divine and mysterious ways pervade your innermost being with all My works of love. Child, I always have surprises for You hidden in the sleeve of My heart. Remember I AM INFINITE AND THERE IS no end TO My divine food and drink in (My Son) in the heavenly kingdom…NO END to My compassionate heart…NO END to My desires to journey with you–in ALL–valleys or mountain top celebrations. Yea, you have found the deeps of the importance of My being close to you in ALL as first and not the actual healing that is the most important thing. In that I take such delight as I watch over you and journey WITH you through it all.

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(O Lord, forgive me for looking for justice on this earth for there is no real justice except in the heavenly kingdom. Thank you for reminding me that I am a pilgrim and a sojourner, a stranger, looking for my heavenly home someday.)

Child, you’ve been through much more than you’ll ever really know, but do not give up on seeking Me and My personal love for you for that is a danger. Instead, seek Me all the more and seek Me diligently and I will answer you and I will comfort you and I will show you revelations to bless your heart and soul and mind. Continue in the things of God and yes, do be cut off from all soul ties and familiar friendships in the flesh, yet at the same time, be careful to keep your heart open to Me. You can trust me and I won’t hurt you or harm you or turn you away. (I was suffering from some past issues regarding being hurt & harmed.)

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(You are greater.)

And yea, because I AM greater I will work out all things to your advantage, that is, My advantage in you. Trust Me. I’m the only one you can really trust. I’m the only one who can really do whatever you ask* and it gives Me great pleasure to do it all and to do it for you.
(* meaning that God is the One who uses whoever or whatever He chooses, but all the while it is He that is doing the work.)

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You know the way. Follow Me and follow My ways and stand alone if you must at times, but what you see and understand in My word is what you must follow if you want to be My servant, My true servant. Changes are taking place and they will continue to take place. Just continue to surrender to the changes and the answers that are coming in and rejoice in Me, O Child. Rejoice in Me. You have suffered much, that is, much (suffering) for you. Enjoy Me and My blessings. Enjoy Me in your blessings and take no condemnation or guilt for that is not of Me…Thou art trying not to sin and I AM delivering thee as never before. Rejoice, O child. Rejoice! This is a true victory ~ to be delivered from sin and old habits and ways and patterns and defeats. Rejoice, rejoice.

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(My needs are great, Jesus.)

But My power is great, greater than you’ll ever know, greater than all. Can you trust in My great power also as well as My love for you? Trust in My power to manipulate and maneuver and change all that needs changing and moving into proper places so as to bring about My will ~ My perfect will in your life and in the lives of your family. I am well pleased with your holding up your family members at all times in faithful praying, for the enemy ever seeks to destroy and kill and steal. NEVER stop praying for your family. NEVER stop believing in Me for their help and their changes. Keep your ears closed to the voices in Christians’ flesh and listen to Me and My wisdom for I AM all wise and I AM directing you..

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Child, child of mine own love, I love you deeply. Many times the enemy comes along to assail thee to snuff out the revelation of My love, but he can NEVER snuff out My love for you, for it is ETERNAL. Yea, please Me by meditating in My word and looking for the insights and revelations, just as you have found this morning, in particular in this scripture. (Psalm 119:113–I hate vain thoughts but thy law do I love.) Apply it, use it, speak it and be blessed and bless Me, My child.

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